CE Woodworks


About the Products
Everything we cut is made from a large variety of woods:
Walnut, Ash, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Pine, Poplar, and Baltic Birch Ply.
The Price of an item will vary not only by wood type, but whether or not it is a specialty orders such as personalization. Examples of these include portraits from a photo, engraving, and wood burning.  This will also included customized orders made to cut.  Please allow up to 2 weeks maybe more depending on the project requested.  Remember to email us at:

 Most ornaments are dipped in clear polyurethane which gives the piece a durable and protective finish.  However, I do use a clear gloss spray on some items depending on the sanding technique I use.


Most ornaments are not just for Christmas anymore, but instead may be used year-round.  A mirror decoration for you car, a window, or even a top a small lamp.  Or maybe even a mobile theme from one of the many series of ornaments we have to offer. 


Your choice.