CE Woodworks


A Little More About Us



We are located in the small township of Pomona, Missouri.  We are constantly striving to improve the workshop conditions such as air quality and the placement of machines.  We are still in the stages of preparing the final resting place for all the workshop tools such as the planer, floor drill press, scroll saw, table saw, and many other tools.




We have been together for some years now.  Between the  both of us, we have five children:  Debra Miller and her husband Ryan;  Chris Fields and his wife Shannon; CJ Eppler; Dustin Trail; Tiffany Eppler.  We are also the proud grandparents of; Videl, Scotty, Blake, Catherine and Hailey.




Cherie's Scroll Saw.  A Shop Smith.


I have been scrolling for the past 9 years and is still learning new techniques everyday to make my work look better.  After all, your never to old to learn.